Junior Foundation Charities

Empowering Kids with Cancer

       PO Box 3013

            Chino Hills, CA 91709

(909) 363-6372

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junior foundation volunteers 

To empower families enduring a childhood cancer diagnosis.

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  • Gas Assistance

  • Food Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Meal Program

  • Wish Granting

  • Birthday Celebrations

  • Holiday Celebrations

  • Funeral Assistance

O U R   P R O G R A M S

M A I L I N G    L I S T

Tel: (909) 363-6372       Email: info@juniorfoundation.org

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List of our Upcoming Events 


December - Holiday Toy Drive

December 1 - RISE Programs Motivational Seminar

January 6 - Seis de Reyes Holiday Event



For more information about any of our upcoming events, please contact us.


to our Birthday Celebration Fund

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La Fundación Junior

Thanksgiving Food Basket Drive


Thank you to all those who donated baskets for our Junior Foundation families, because of your support, over 50 families were able to enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner without worrying how they would cover the necessary items. Thank you for empowering kids with cancer.


Gracias a todos los que donaron canastas de comida para las familias de la Fundación Junior. Con todo el apoyo, pudimos proveerles su cena a mas de 50 familias afectadas por el cáncer infantil. ¡Gracias por hacer la diferencia!